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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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♪ ♪ d't stop doing at you do have i paid my dues just to be with u. ♪ the days are numbered for the warm weather we've been having. tell you when cooler temperatures will be here. oakland police dedicating their resources to battling a spike in crime. but residents in other neighborhoods tell kron4 that's leading to a crime surge in their community. and they feel neglected by police. and our first look at the bruise that san francisco's sheriff allegedly inflicted on his wife. the bay area has been
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having a winter warmup the past few days. one of the areas got pretty heated today. our days of warm weather are soon coming to an end. i'm in the forecast center tonight with jacqueline to find out what's ahead for our weekend. now that the weekend here, it's going to get cold? >> how about 15 degrees cooler tomorrow? >> a lot cooler tomorrow! >> we were still warm today, we got one more day of warm temperatures. we got lucky. our sea breeze winds are forecasted to increase this morning. temperatures were allowed an extra four hours of warming out there this afternoon. that's why it was 72 degreed in san francisco. upper 70s in the inland valley, 75 in san jose. right now, temperatures are cooler, especially cooler to the coastline. they cooled off in a hurry, once the sea breeze winds picked up.
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temperatures stayed stagnant since then. half moon bay and oakland, 55 in napa, staying in the 50s. the winds should die down overnight. and we're going to see cooler continues overnight. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. and it's going to continue into sunday. we'll talk more about this in just a bit. an out burst of violence in oakland. in the last nieb days -- nine-day, there have been -- nine-day, there have been more than 40 shooting incidents. this incident caused nearby schools to go on lockdown. police managed to arrest one suspect who was found in possession of a firearm. critics say while police allocate their resources on crime such as this, fewer officers are available to patrol the rest of the city. and that has some people living in the oakland hills and other neighborhoods angry and on edge.
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>> reporter: well, pam, they say police parens has gone down. and they say it's important that the police department find a way to better protect citizens who live in all corners of oakland. a for sale sign hangs in a driveway of this up-scale oakland home. the family that lived here left the city after a recent break-in. >> they didn't feel safe. for the man who lived across the street >> reporter: it's more than losing a neighbor, he lost his best friend. >> my best friend's wife is pregnant. and she doesn't want to have that kid in oakland. >> reporter: frustration grows as crime ticks upward in the oakland hills. of many of those are property crimes. the mayor 53,100-block program saturates resources in the most dangerous blocks in oakland, many residents say the police department has got to find a
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better way to protect those living in the hills. >> we want to have a police response and presence to try to deter those criminals that are just looking for an opportunity. >> i can't help but say that it issing neglected -- that it is being neglected. >> reporter: they claim they haven't taken officers away from the montclaire district. they plan to assign more officers to this area. they're getting help from allied agencies because of a spike in crime across the city. one resident tells me she's satisfied with the current police presence. >> with limited resources, it's appropriate to put the police presence in other parts of oakland that have higher crime rates. >> reporter: they need more police here. >> we're worried. we want more presence. >> reporter: police say the best prevention tool is your neighbor. the advice? get to know your neighbors. rocks launched
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into homes in livermore last week, one of which landed dangerously close to a baby's crib. five suspects have been arrested. police say the suspects were linked to 21 acts of vandalism, all of which occurred last saturday. the sense are being describeded as male juveniles. police indicated they told them they threw rocks from a moving car, they are remorseful, and didn't realize their actions could have hurt others. ace the domestic violence a-- as the domestic violence trial under san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi were released today, pictures showing his wife bruised. in court, prosecutors are arguing that the tape with these images must be allowed at trial because it is evidence of the crime allegedly
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committed by mirkarimi. the defense is opposing the video. he faces three misdemeanor charges. on monday, a judge will determine whether or not to allow the video. outside court today, former mayor art agnosdefended the sheriff. >> >> sometimes he brings him over to the house on weekends when he's with him for a longer period of time. they're doing terrific. he's very happy to be with his son. and his son is very happy to be with him. all that's left is for his wife and family to be together. and we hope that after the trial, that'll be changed as well. >> just here as a supportive friend. i think there's a lot to come out in this case. and i think the truth is going to indicate there's no sense to any of this. >> the sheriff 's trial continues on monday. a third grade teachering called a hero -- teacher being called a hero for quick action
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after gun fire rang out. >> i don't know what happened. a norovirus outbreak is spreading. we'll show you which bay area counties are getting hit the hardest. coming up, manny ramirez shows up in town. and we'll have the nfl great troy parlamarrow, tell you is it true? as far as
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>> >> a teacher issing called a hero -- is being called a hero after a gun went off in her classroom. this is video of the elementary school outside of seattle where police say an 8-year-old girl was shot by a third grade classmate. catherine explains. >> this is never supposed to happen. >> reporter: it all started
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wednesday with a loud bang. >> i knew there was nothing in the room, so it was a loud pop. i knew that -- i didn't know what happened. but i couldn't see it. it was puz lipping. >> reporter: she told the students to leave the kras and get help -- class and get help. >> i could tell she had been shot. i couldn't see where the bullet had come from. there were no intruders in the room. >> reporter: she held 8-year-old amina bowman until crews arrived. with her principle, she frantically began looking for the weapon. >> i lifted up the glad and said oh! this is a gun. >> reporter: in the backback of a classmate. she rushed to amina's side. >> i left with the ambulance with her. i needed to stay with her. >> reporter: she says amina is
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strong and is pulling through. but the reason she sat down for the story is for her other students involved in the tragedy. >> he has a lot of goodness in his heart, and i know he did not intend this to happen. >> reporter: she wants to kids to larn a lesson -- learn a lesson and feel safe in her classroom. >> >> we'll get through this. >> reporter: she says her classroom is still sealed off, but she has no qualms about returning. she just wants amina to get better so things can get back to normal.
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the search for human remains continues in the "speed freak killers" case. investigators uncovered more on thursday. they were found while the crews searched the property near san andreas. it's a property once owned by the family of a member of the "speed
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freak killers", wesley shermantine. we were at that location today. >> reporter: this is the area, where investigators were searching on thursday and friday. you can see the terrain is no walk in the park. of one of the reasons they used these all-terrain vehicles to cover as much of the area as possible. while the road was closed off, i had a bird's eye view from a neighbor's backyard, and an interview with the man who searched these woods last week. leonard padilla, and a cadaver dog. >> seven different spots the dog found. >> reporter: remains that may have been recovered thursday. friday, crews broadened their search. looking in this area as well. if you look cloechl, they went -- closely, they went in with their own dogs searching the area neighbors say is very large. >> around the hill, on a whole 'nother hill after that. the roads are all over the country
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side. and shermantine would have had free access to all that. >> reporter: investigators would have left these woods mid-afternoon after scouring it for eight hours. >> reporter: one of the big questions, will investigators search through the weekend? and it's hard to say at this point. you murder in that story -- you heard in that story, a lot of people think there are bones to be found. a norovirus outbreak is hitting some sections of the bay area harder than others. reggie kwu marbreaks down the -- kumar breaks down the counties. >> reporter: in contra costa county, there have been 54 comprehendeded cases of the -- confirmed cases of the illness confirmed. 24 schools, 25 long-term care facilities, nursing home, reported the illness. in alameda county, there are reports of three times
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the number of cases this year compared to last. health officials do not have specific numbers, but they say two elementary schools and one daycare center had an outbreak. as well as some skimmed nursing, and assistant care facilities. in san mateo county, there are nine confirmed cases in six schools. and three assisted living facilities as well. santa clara reported 19 cases of the virus, four schools and some daycare centers had students and kids diagnosed with the illness. 15 assisted living facilities reported an outbreak. in sollano county, 5 cases reported from assisted living facilities. in san francisco, the number of norovirus cases are similar to last year. only one school has been impacted this year. a number of students at cleveland elementary school in
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oakland are also getting sick. the school will be deep-cleaned over the weekend. it's not been confirmed that the students got sick with norro sirs, but the -- norovirus. but the school is not taking any chances. classes will not be disrupted. our current condition, fairly mild right now. temperatures cooling down quickly this afternoon. but the cooling is halted in the 50s because of the winds, picking up. we're getting a little bit of that in terms of cloud cover. 17-mile an hour winds in santa rosa. more mild tonight. you can see the band of clouds right here. a little bit of that tail end of the system up to the north increasing our winds right now. it's keeping it more mild. and i've trend ed ed our temperatures up a bit for the morning and the afternoon tomorrow. morning temperatures will mostly be in the 40s now. we're going to see temperatures
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like 48 degrees in oakland, a little cooler in the inland valleys. in the afternoon, temperatures much cooler. but warmer than originally forecast. we're talking about a couple degrees. still in the low 60s for the most part. 65 in san jose, 73 in fremont, 74 in antioch. warmer in portions of the north bay. 60 in san rafael, 63 in napa. still cool in san francisco. a look at your extended forecast, it is still going to be much cooler out there tomorrow and into sunday. the second spectrums pushes -- system pushes toward the bay area. that could leave a bit of rain monday morning. better chance in tuesday into wednesday. and koorm temperatures into -- cooler temperatures into next week. jeremy lin gets a taste of his all-star weekend rookie
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all right, good evening, everybody. leading up to sunday's nab all-star -- nba all-star game, they have a number of events. jeremy lin, rickie rubio stoll the show -- stoll the show. charles barkley on the bench there. griffin throwing it to himself, and hey, it's one of those deals where nobody guards anybody. john wall, and the nvp of the -- mvp of kyly irving. the funny thing that jumps out at me, they're playing the nba all-star game on sunday at exactly the same time as the academy awards.
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manny ramirez created a first-day buzz. he's a 12-time all-star, great in boston, great star about the dodgers. and they found out he was using performance enhancing drugs. he'll start around the first of june with the as. everybody said oh, so happy to see him. he is a funny guy. he's new teammate, brett aroundy son, and -- anderson, our relationship can only go up from here, he said. if he can hit a little bit, and put his heart into if, the as at the least have something to talk about. we got the worst group of seniors. right now, that i've ever been associated with. their attitude is awful, their mentality is awful. you act the
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way some of these guys did, we got shoved in a locker. i feel sorry for the fan, this school. these kids are still learning. and i don't think they get it. you act this way in the real world, you're going to be homeless. without a job. >> lamar is 17 wins, 11 losses this season. one of pro football's major names, troy polamalu is involved in a new restaurant in palo alto. it's one of those deals where it's a healthy fast food restaurant. no dishes more than 600 calories. a 7-time pro bowler . the league's defensive mvp in 2010. also known for his flowing locks. >> is that true? insureded for -- insured for a million dollars? >> yeah, insured. >> looks like
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a young chaka khan. >> that really is blown out. you ever been tackle d by your hair? >> i have been. i had the football though, so i was happy. >> jason's got a clip. there you go. mike wallace. his name has come up. if he doesn't stay with the steelers, tony demarco be the 49ers -- it would be the steelers. you know the 49ers might have a chance? >> i think he's a legitimate wide reader. -- i think the frienz is the patriots. what surprised me is sometimes we take this for granted. but grant, our early evening anchor came up to hang around with him. and kimep -- one time -- kimmy, one tim i was lying there gaping for air, and kimmy said, i got to go. she hung around to have her picture taken with him. >> he was so nice. >> very nice . so the
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restaurant just for the has beening of it, said -- for the heck of it, he's going to be associated with these guys. and kimmy's been offered a premium. >> goodnight everybody. ♪ [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes and lexus' dynamic handling, the next generation of lexus will not be contained. the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. ♪
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